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Sleepbar: FAQ's

Here are all our commonly asked questions. If there's anything you need to know you'll likely find it here. If not, we're only an email away.

Does Sleepbar® work with all pillow types?

While Sleepbar® does work with all pillows - for the best experience we recommend hollow fiber, feather filled pillows, or a thin memory foam pillow. Denser pillows such as gel could lead to reduced volume or muffled sound.

I share a bed. Will my partner hear my Sleepbar®?

Sleepbar® is the most partner friendly way to listen to sounds in bed without using painful in-ear headphones. As you need to rest your ear against the pillow to hear Sleepbar®, your partner will only hear some very light sound leak.So unless they're

Will Sleepbar® connect to my device?

If your device has bluetooth, Sleepbar® will connect. This includes all Android, Apple devices, and even laptops and TV's!It works with all of the apps you currently use.

Can i hear Sleepbar® if i lay on my back?

Sleepbar® is still audible when sleeping on your back as long as your head is positioned directly above the device. However, we recommend side-sleeping for the best experience.

Can the 30 minute timer be switched off?

Yes. Simply double-tap the power button to enable or disable it the timer function.

How long does the battery last?

Sleepbar® has a powerful battery that lasts around 7 hours.That's 14 days when using the 30-minute timer, or a full week with an hours listening each night!

I'm worried about having bluetooth under my pillow..

Bluetooth is everywhere these days. It's the same technology you'll find in your earphones, computer keyboard and your cars. Infact - there's a good reason for this.. its incredibly safe. And as a technology company, it's pretty sad that we have to a

Can Sleepbar® Overheat?

We hear a lot of people asking this question - but are yet to find a single customer reporting that their device is even a little bit warm!. Sleepbar® doesn't contain any components that can "heat up" during use - and it consumes very little power du

Hybliss pillow: Care Instructions

1. Hand-Washing Preferred: If possible, hand wash your silk eyemask gently using cold water. Use a mild, non-alkaline soap or baby shampoo. Avoid soaking the mask for a prolonged period, instead, cleanse it quickly and gently. 2. Machine-Washing: If