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How to Rename my Sleepbar v2.0Updated 7 months ago

Renaming the device is something that you'll be prompted to do when first connecting to the app.
If you haven't downloaded the Dusker Audio App yet, follow the instructions here for how to pair.I

If you've already paired and named your device, and just wish to rename it, there are 2 ways.

1. Rename it within the App Settings. 

Look for the little "Cog" icon from within your Dusker Audio Dashboard.
You should see an option to "edit" your device name at the top of the settings.

Tap this, and change the device name.

PLEASE NOTE: the settings menu is under maintenance until 17th December 2023, and not all options are available.

Please bare with us while we fix these options.

2. Rename it by Re-downloading Dusker Audio.

By deleting and redownloading the Dusker Audio App - you'll be able to begin the setup process again, which includes naming your device. 

1. Delete the Dusker Audio App
2. Head to the Bluetooth Settings of your mobile device to "forget" the Sleepbar. 
3. Redownload Dusker Audio, and follow the set up steps to name your device. 

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