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How to pair your Sleepbar with Dusker AudioUpdated 5 months ago

Video Guide:
Connecting your Sleepbar to the Dusker Audio App is simple. 
Follow this quick video to get yourself connected.

1. Firstly, head to your bluetooth settings and make sure your bluetooth is switched on.
2. Turn on your Sleepbar by holding down the Power Button. When the indicator light flashes blue and red, your Sleepbar is ready to be paired.
3. Head to your bluetooth settings, and look for the device named Sleepbar (if you've previously connected this device to another phone, it may show as a different name). Once the device is connected, the indicator light will slowly flash blue.
4. Open the Dusker Audio app. (if you still need to download, search for the app in the Apple or Google App Stores.
5. You should see your Sleepbar is detected by the app. Tap it, and follow the steps to pair it with Dusker Audio. (If you see a dialogue box pop up, requesting permissions to use bluetooth, please make sure these permissions are set to allow.)
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