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Spotify - Improve Sound QualityUpdated a year ago

Spotify Equaliser (Apple and Android) 

If using your Sleepbar with Spotify, there is a built-in equaliser that can be used to significantly increase the volume and clarity of spoken voices. 

1. Head to your settings by hitting the little cog in the top right corner. 
Tap on "Playback"

2. Here you'll see some options to boost loudness, and also an "Equaliser" option. 

Select the equaliser setting. 

3. When you're in here, you can adjust the sound quality to your ears.

For Podcasts/Voices:

Lift all of the "high" tones, or treble. This will allow the sound to better pass through your pillow. This should look like the screen below.

For Music:

If you're looking for more depth in your music, you can lift the bass. But feel free to play around with the equaliser to find a setting that best complements your music. 

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